State boundaries, cultural politics, and gender negotiations in commercially arranged international marriages in Singapore and Malaysia

This research was funded by an MOE Tier 2 research grant from May 2008 to August 2011. Its aim was to understand the phenomenon of international marriages and the dynamics of marriage migration within the Asian region. Through an examination of the processes through which these international marriages occur and the circumstances, researchers involved attempt to unpick circumstances and social forces that are both enabling and restricting to the actors in their decision making process. The nature, role and function of the state, individual agency, as well as the matchmaking industry were also interrogated in the context of international marriage.

In 2013, the research team has continued to analyze data and produce publications that pay specific attention to an array of issues relating to social capital, citizenship rights, gender and sexuality, racialization and social exclusion, (im)mobility, transnational family strategies and global householding, the “commercialization” of intimacy, “entrepreneurial marriage” and the social production of migrant (il)legality.

Awarding body:
Academic Research Council, Ministry of Education (ARC, MOE) for AcRF Tier 2

Investigator(s) & Collaborator(s):
Brenda Yeoh
Gavin Jones
Chee Heng Leng
Melody Lu Chia-Wen
Zhang Juan
Rashidah Shuib
Vu Thi Kieu Dung


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