Globalising Universities and International Student Mobilities in East Asia

The project on globalising universities and international student mobilities in East Asia intends to capture two critical facets of changing tertiary education environments in East Asia: the restructuring of tertiary education industry in East Asia as a critical infrastructure of a competitive economy, and the student migratory flows into these reformed institutions. The project team is investigating these phenomena in nine leading national and private universities across five nations: Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, China and Singapore. The objective is to better understand emergent tertiary education systems within East Asia in comparative perspective, to interrogate the new role for universities int he globalising economies of the region and to trace the pathways, experiences and aspirations of international students moving through these transnational education spaces.

Awarding body:
Ministry of Education

Investigator(s) & Collaborator(s):
Ho Kong Chong
Brenda Yeoh
Francis Leo Collins 


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