Casino Mobilities: Labour Migration, Global Consumption and Regulation in Singapore

This proposed research investigates Singapore’s newly opened Integrated Resorts as unique sites of mobility and inter-connectivity where mega casino resorts are integrated with ancillary sectors such as tourism, service, entertainment, skill-training, hospitality and leisure, and thereby creating a “casino space” across local and global scales.

This is the first academic research in the Singapore context that looks into the complex linkages between transnational mobilities of laborers and consumers, the emerging casino economy, and the transforming regulatory regime that evolves with the establishment of new linkages. It traces the working of a new regulatory regime alongside the “casino space” within which the casino industry, labor movements, consumption practices and social behaviors are regulated through the logic of economic pragmatism, social ethics and the techniques of making exceptions. This research aims to enable fresh understanding of how the state, society and the market interact in complex ways, which will drive future research on global mobilities, technologies of regulation, and local-global connections.

Awarding body:
Humanities and Social Science Grant

Investigator(s) & collaborator(s):
Brenda Yeoh (PI)
Melody Lu Chia-Wen
Esther Goh
Zhang Juan